Crimp Die Set RG8/RG11/RG174/RG17/ RG213

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RG8/11/174/179/213 Coaxial Cable Durable construction Precise dimensions ensure accurate terminations that meet or exceed common standards Weight: 3.2 ounces Additional die sets include: VDV211-038 (RG 58/59/62);VDV205-039 (Pin Terminal Insulated or Non-Insulated Ferrule AW12-22); VDV201-040 (RG58/59/62/174 Fiber Optic); VDV211-041 (RG58/59/62/6); VDV201-042 (RG174/179/Belden 8218 and Fiber Optic) Dimensions: 0.255-Inch by 0.213-Inch by 0.098-Inch by 0.068-Inch by 0.321-Inch

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