Deluxe Fish Rod Set, 33-Foot, 19-Piece

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Great cable pulling kit for typical renovation installations Splinter resistant rods combine for a total length of 33-feet (10 m) Four rod flexibilities and seven innovative attachments Durable brass fittings on the end of each rod are mechanically crimped to carry a load of 550-pounds (250 kg) 10 Rods included: two 1/4-Inch (6 mm) black 3-1/3-foot (1 m) long rods; six 3/16-Inch (5 mm) red 3-1/3-foot (1 m) rods; two 1/64-Inch (4 mm) yellow 3-1/3-foot (1 m) rods 8 Attachments included: Domed Bullet; Flat Bullet; Gender Change Adapter; Strong Magnet; Lighted Tip; Tough Hook; Mini Eye and Ring; and a Flex Lead 1 Durable carrying tube for storing the set

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