Fiberglass Fish Tape with Spiral Leader, 50-Foot

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Permanent, laser etched 1-foot increments on the tape allow you to more accurately measure the depth of conduit runs and determine the amount of tape left to pay out Non-conductive, fiberglass fish tape slides easily over existing wires and through multiple bends The lightweight, strong fiberglass tape resists harsh elements and is strength rated up to 500 pulling pounds The 13-Inch case diameter means you can reel in 15-percent more tape in a single revolution vs. a standard 12-Inch case Durable 7-Inch leader helps push through crowded conduit Raised fingergrips help transfer 100-percent of the winding power from your hand and fingers The unique sloped handle optimizes the position of your hand for quick hand-over-hand rewinds and allows a more level payout of tape on the backswing while feeding conduit Made in the USA Repair kit available (Cat. No. 56115) Replacement eyelets (Cat. No. 56116) and spiral leaders (Cat. No. 56120) available

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